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Reserves are OPEN
The next reserve period is: July 18 - 24, 2017

⋆ Reserves are now only open for one week before applications open, which will be the last week of the month. Please refer to the calendar for future dates.

⋆ Reserves are no longer mandatory, but will give you priority when you apply-- no other apps while be accepted for a reserved character until the reserve expires.

⋆ Your reserve will last for the first five days of the application cycle. During the last two, anyone will be free to apply for a character.

⋆ We do not allow multiple reserves for the same character.

⋆ We allow one reserve per player.

⋆ Please make sure to check the taken list before submitting a reserve.


The Dark Tower Series
Roland Deschain | [personal profile] popkins | Wings

Zavala | [personal profile] firstpriority | Knight

EMIYA | [personal profile] projecting | Franky
Siegfried | [personal profile] gerechtigheid | Kyah

Horizon Zero Dawn
Aloy | [personal profile] toservelife | Dara

Loki | [personal profile] chaostic | Pumpkin
Steve Rogers | [personal profile] soldierly | Kate

Mass Effect
Pathfinder Raeka | [personal profile] salarianpathfinder | Ryo

Agent Maine | [personal profile] bloodbathing | Kas
Agent North Dakota | [personal profile] sightsset | Charlie

X-Men Movies
Scott Summers | [personal profile] gottawearshades | Danii

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